An Upcoming Green-Friendly Beach City in San Diego County

Rising awareness about Earth’s environment and concern for global warming in the younger generation are good signs. It truly shows that our next peer group cares about the future of the planet.

The popularity of living in environmentally-friendly ways is at an all-time high. The growth of rebuilding urban communities are being designed in ways that make them green-friendly, thus giving the residents an opportunity to remain close to nature.

Why Imperial Beach?

Imperial Beach is the last beach city real estate in San Diego where property prices are still reasonable. It offers a stunning view of the ocean and residential properties are being designed with the technologies of tomorrow.

Here are the common factors that makes Imperial Beach an upcoming attraction for Millennials and the younger generation ahead:

“This beach city is a hidden jewel surrounded by natural environment and is an ideal location for residents seeking to live in a healthy, upcoming green-friendly metropolis.”


Green-Friendly Living

The Tijuana River Research lies to the south, the San Diego Wildlife Sanctuary to the north while the great Pacific Ocean lies to the west. This beach city is a hidden jewel surrounded by natural environment and is an ideal location for residents seeking to live in a healthy, upcoming green-friendly metropolis.


Solar Powered Hotel in Imperial Beach

Solar Energy

Solar energy will be incorporated into the development projects. The developers plan to make use of PV panels and thermal solar power to provide heating, lighting and electricity that powers the grid.

Recent advancements in solar technology have made PV cells very efficient and low cost. They produce electricity without carbon emissions which is another major benefit.

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The upcoming development project plans had been designed to have as little reliance on natural resources as possible. The developers aim to reduce the carbon footprint of each individual who becomes part of the community.


There are many business opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to bring their innovative ideas to the new development. There is a rising demand for efficient energy generation, distribution, agricultural production and services which can be filled by intelligent entrepreneurs.

Imperial Beach is connected to Coronado Island through the Silver Strand Boulevard, and businesses based in the upcoming new development will have great access to a big market and affluent contacts.

“Entrepreneurs and investors with eco-friendly goals will find Imperial Beach a great place to invest.”


Energy Conservation

Another key feature of the new development is to use latest technologies that save energy wastage. High quality, efficient cables drastically reduce energy wastage that gets lost during transmission, and these are a required standard for builders in the beach city.


Pier South Resort in Imperial Beach

Ideal Development

Pier South Resort is a model development and prime example of where most green-living advocates will be attracted to. The majestic luxury hotel, firmly standing on the beach is a popular destination for young professionals, holistic practitioners, yogis, health and fitness fanatics, and holiday makers visiting the Imperial Beach surrounding areas.

The LEED, silver-certified hotel uses some of the latest green technologies such as solar power and water conservation. We expect similar green projects to fill the coastline which will attract socially responsible businesses and communities.

Future Goals

Entrepreneurs and investors with eco-friendly goals will find Imperial Beach a great place to invest. The Millennial generation wants to live and work at a location that has clean, fresh air and rather close to nature. They also want to live at a place where they have good access to work and business opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming developments in Imperial Beach, you can get in touch with Mayor Serge Dedina at (619) 423-8300. Please feel free to share ideas about the future of the city.


About the Author: Carlo Desierto is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business startups. He has founded, built intrinsic value, and sold several companies in which he sits as an adviser for the Board of Directors. Carlo has interviewed over 200+ entrepreneurs and published mini-biographies for new digital media channels relating to entrepreneurship, health, self-help, futurology, and the green industry.


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