Hemp Educate America Tours Seattle Hempfest 2017

Seattle HEMPFEST was established in 1991 and is the largest annual cannabis-advocacy convocation in the world.

Celebrating its 26th year, August 18-20, the “protestival” drew hundreds of activists, advocates, artists, politicians, and attendees from across the country to the Seattle waterfront for three days of pro-cannabis activism, music, activities and marketing.

Hemp Educate America had the opportunity of touring Seattle HEMPFEST 2017 as a spectator, and was impressed with the focus on social responsibility, sustainability, and the deep commitment in community values – particularly in the location, vendors, and speakers.

Seattle HEMPFEST 2017 was held on the adjacent expanses of Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks which highlight eco-conscious maintenance:

The festival organizers are adamant about keeping the place clean.



Photo Credit: Alanna Hinds

The Port of Seattle is maintained organically. The park does not use chemical weed control or fertilizer – because people and families relax on the grass, they do not use RoundUp or Weed N’ Feed, whose chemicals have been linked to increases of leukemia in children. They also water less frequently to preserve water and recycle generated landscape debris into compost or chipped mulch that is put back into the park instead of being disposed of in a landfill.

Vendors. Although they weren’t all environmentally aimed, sustainable options were there:

Sustainable Eating – Vegan dishes were readily available.

Sustainable Apparel The Seattle clothing company Endorphins takes the extra time to create eco-conscious styles of their high-end accessories. Although they don’t have hemp shirts that we offer wholesale – they showcased 100% organic hemp dad hats (with a super cool print) and presented me details of their printing process which just so happens to be eco-friendly!


Endorphins Hemp Hat at HEMPFEST

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I paid full, start-to-finish attention to at least one speaker and had quite an impressionable experience.

Although cannabis just became legal in the state of Washington, speaker Megan Holt insists that we are still a long way from legalization and uses her story to show that change still needs to be made in regards to cannabis medicine legislation. Her 4 year old daughter Maddy has a terminal genetic disease that destroys the white matter of the brain. She was supposed to die within a year of birth, but was saved using full extract cannabis oil with no pesticides.

It was the first time I had heard such a passionate, powerful story in-person about full-spectrum medication, and it exposed the festival’s deep connection and commitment to community values as free speech events should.

HEMPFEST is about visibility, and challenging the damaging misinformation about cannabis to improve humanity for everyone, and that’s something we all can stand behind with pride.

Thank you Seattle Hempfest!

About the author: Alanna Hinds is a millennial entrepreneur in the legal cannabis/hemp space known most notably for her brainchild, Hemp Educate America Foundation. She has published numerous articles on the benefits of the cannabis plant family and offers her content as a means to increase student involvement in the building of the green economy in the United States.


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