What We Learned From A Leading Cannabis Marketing Agency

Many people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten. When it comes to historical innovators, they look to create trends, tend to them, and before you know it – they become an “overnight success.”

“The best way to grow a business specifically in the design and branding space is to focus on a niche.” – Jay Christopher



Award for Best Cannabis Design Firm in 2016

Jared Mirsky, CEO of Online Marijuana Design (OMD), had never been to college, and although he knows he would have succeeded because of his great upbringing, he had other plans in mind. Growing up in the small town of Monroe, WA, he was adventurous which led him to explore the nearby city of Seattle where he started his entrepreneurial journey in digital media. Jared’s move opened many opportunities as cannabis businesses in Seattle began surfacing, especially after becoming one of the first two states along with Colorado to legalize recreationally. Online Marijuana Design was born through recognizing and utilizing first movers advantage, relationships, and the ability to carve themselves in a quintessential niche.

Before the fruition of Online Marijuana Design, Jared designed logos and graphics for local dispensaries, websites, and upcoming brands. Naturally charismatic, his talent and work ethic spoke for themselves, and he didn’t have to achieve alone. As he recalled in our interview, it was his friend Jay Christopher who told him, “The best way to grow a business specifically in the design and branding space is to focus on a niche.” Jared became a student of life; he took the time to educate himself on the rules, regulations and legalities of his untouched vocation where he soon became an expert.


Jared Mirsky, CEO of OMD

In 2009 when many agencies were shying away from cannabis, Jared made it his ultimate staple to service the industry. He recognized an opportunity in which he could successfully assist sustaining cannabis companies by creating them a solid presence online, ensuring legitimate marketing, and paving a way for aspiring branding companies to follow. As team captain and fundamental team player, OMD grew to having 16 full-time employees in 2015. It was determination and consistency that became the pinnacle of what transformed Jared’s passion for graphics and design into a digital powerhouse.

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Eight years later, Online Marijuana Design is now a full-service cannabis focused branding and marketing firm. The powerhouse has accumulated such a diverse portfolio and the ability to work with any type of business in the emerging space. Through creative and strategic positioning, OMD has been able to help accelerate many campaigns and is now partnered up with some of the biggest names in the U.S Cannabis sector such as Dope Magazine, High Times, Leafly, and WeedMaps, just to name a few. This thriving ‘green market’ is projected to be a major economic force, and OMD will continue to lead as their team is constantly re-inventing and growing with the community.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney



August 2017 Cannabiz Journal Cover Story

Jared and OMD were recently featured on the cover of Cannabiz Journal for their virtual reality (VR) project. The new venture will provide VR tours of cannabis cultivation sites (indoor and outdoor) to give consumers and patients the ability to tour the farms without leaving the comfort of their homes. According to the Edelman Trend Report of 2017, VR and Social Responsibility were ranked the two top trends in America, and as visionaries, Online Marijuana Designs Tour’s cover both.

We, at Hemp Educate America, view Online Marijuana Design as a frontier pioneer in this emerging industry as well as the embodiment of true entrepreneurship. Their success is the result of innovative and dynamic performance!

We want to thank Jared Mirsky for his insights and encouragement that will motivate and inspire many millennial entrepreneurs. Also, a very special thanks to Hemp Educate America’s volunteer, Brenda Toledo, for interviewing Jared while learning and involving herself in the cannabis industry through our internship program.

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About the Author: Paola Nunez is a Communications major representing today’s millennial generation. As a young entrepreneur, she cares about young women and their future by instilling empowerment to reach their full potential. Paola aims to be a role model to other young women through her positive energy, motivation, and success as a young millennial entrepreneur.


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