The Major Keys for Social Media

Ever wonder how some companies really make it through social media?

Take a look at how we made Green BakeBox (GBB) a thriving company using only social media, and how you can sell your product or service to anyone you want to… you just need to know who that is.

Green BakeBox

If you haven’t yet heard of them, Green BakeBox was a monthly subscription box for cannabis smoking equipment and treats. They were beloved by all, used by many, and only operational for about a year.

Why are we talking about them today? Because the company grew to 1k subscribers in their first year of being open – using social media marketing only, on a budget of less than $1,000 a month, and #lilacMedia had the honor of being at the forefront of it.

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Incidentally, the company was forced to close due to increasingly high demands from merchant services providers.

“Identifying your target audience is the first and most important Major Key you require.”



Photo Credit: Pixabay, Tero Vesalainen


The most important thing for GBB was to get real clients from their social media efforts. In order to achieve this, we had to build pages and profiles that reflected the fulfillment of their target audience’s strongest desires.

Identifying your target audience is the first and most important Major Key you require. You must retain a crystal clear image of the individual / business / group you want to hear from. The reason is: you will end up speaking and creating content that speaks to them directly and attracts them to you. I know many of you are thinking “I want to target everyone!” For the sake of your business and because there’s no space for me to explain briefly, trust me when I say that you need to lock down the image on your most ideal. The rest will follow.

To identify your ideal client, try jotting down responses to these questions:

1. What is my ideal client’s age?
2. What is my ideal client’s marital status?
3. What is my ideal client’s parental status?
4. What is my ideal client’s income?
5. What is my ideal client’s occupation?
6. What is my ideal client’s problem? And how am I providing the solution?
7. What are my ideal client’s hobbies?
8. What deeply interests them? What do they already react to strongly?
9. Where does my ideal client live?
10. Lastly, what does my ideal client want more than anything?


As a subcategory of understanding your ideal client, content has to be compelling enough for a share. It’s unrealistic to think it’s possible to connect to every person that would buy your product or service, but your existing customers know your future customers so produce an image or video they would react to strongly enough to share with their friends – and your future customers.

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Consistent Message

Consistency throughout your entire brand is Major Key on its own.

With so much controversy surrounding the cannabis industry, GBB had to set to the tone for their culture and outward image in order to attract the crowd they wanted.

Almost as important as content, is reinforcing your message throughout your feed. Whether it’s outright posting a slogan repeatedly, or it’s strongly remaining in theme, your message is what your audience receives from you with every photo and caption.

For pages like Instagram and Tumblr, we created memes that reinforced GBB’s overall message of love, youth, and happiness.

“No matter what industry you’re in, or what your company looks like currently, never ignore your social media fans.”



Photo Credit: Pixabay, SplitShire

Being Genuine

No matter what industry you’re in, or what your company looks like currently, never ignore your social media fans.

If there’s one message to take away, it’s this: Your social media fans are your customers.

Talk to them online as if they are standing before you in your store at the moment. Respond to messages and comments, negative or positive. If someone spoke to you in real life would you turn around and walk away? No, you’d offer a response, however measely.

When your brand or company page responds to its followers, the followers react and invite their friends to share in your awesomeness by sharing the content.

Major Key: you cannot fake genuine.

Follow Through

Of course, let’s not forget the reason we came to social media to begin with – we had to make sure the boxes were good enough for people to want them monthly for $30 a month.

So the team sat and worked out the most important things to cannabis consumers using polls, both online and in person. The boxes were filled with new glass, new paper products, and even included Kosher munchies!

Social media marketing is not a tool of your trade, merely a tool of your growth.

Never forget the actual tools of your trade. They’re Major Key.

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About the Author: Slavy Darozhkin is a well renowned photographer from New York, who has found her calling in the world of social media marketing. She is the founder and CEO of startup digital marketing company #lilac Media, as well as photographer at SirenPhoto. With a keen passion for cannabis and its positive influence on our world, Slavy continues to seek out the pioneers of the green rush and assist in assimilating their businesses with the virtual world.


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