I’m A Millennial But I Hate Social Media

Before we’re anything we’re human. Despite being herd animals, human personal preferences are a spectrum not to be reckoned with. So when my recent client announced her disdain for social media, (regardless of her generational loyalties) I immediately reassured her she has no obligation to love it – only an obligation to use it, as a business owner. You see, whether you’re in school for marketing, philosophy, or law, you will, at the end of your term, be working for a company or building your own, and to be successful in it you will need to utilize social media.

So You’re In School, eh?

If you’re attending college for a lofty degree you may be sneering at this, wondering how a philosopher or lawyer would need to rely on social media for business. Forget the names and titles of the industries you’re trying to break into; look at social media. Nearly every internet user has social media, and there are nearly 3 billion internet users worldwide. That means that an actual fraction of the world’s humans is on social media.

“Creating a social media account is easier than creating an email account, and in fact, have now replaced email requests on many websites worldwide!”


Creating a social media account is easier than creating an email account, and in fact, have now replaced email requests on many websites worldwide! Where we’ve previously see requests for email addresses to join new websites, there are now buttons to connect your social media profiles instead. It’s optimized for the very young, very old, and very stupid – essentially all humans.

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That may be half of the reason for its popularity, while the other half remains the convenience of shrinking distance. Since the platforms allow users to feel as involved with anyone’s life as living next door, we no longer need to wait any time to see friends and family that live too far. Because of these reasons, social media is here to stay and it’s where all the humans’ attention will be focused. Because of that, your business will need to be there as well, whether you like it or not, if you wish to gain any attention at all.


Photo Credit: Pixabay, Peter Howe

Announce Yourself

Approximately 94% of all US businesses are on social media. Not because they’re looking to connect with their families or share funny memes, but because everyone else in America is there looking to do just that, so businesses need to be there, too.

All platforms have ways to attract attention for free – the power lies within you. All you have to do is create a post that captures their attention strongly enough for them to take in the whole thing, then go to your profile, follow it, and furthermore, interact with your page at a later date. That’s a lot to achieve in a single post, isn’t it? Plot twist, there’s a boobie trap; you have to do even more than that, when users click to your profile, they want to see a whole host of posts just like the one that had drawn their attention. If they see most of the posts are sub par and the great one was just a fluke, they won’t follow through with a follow (insert rolling eyes emoji at terrible pun).

Separate these two facts in your mind:

  • To get in front of millions of eyeballs on social media is essentially free.
  • Your content has to be original, contemporary art in whatever form speaks best to your ideal client.



Photo Credit: Pixabay, Gerd Altmann

Content For Years

Each website, including search engines like Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), has different metadata (a set of data that describes and gives information about other data, i.e. website SEOs or Instagram hashtags, geotags, etc.) requirements that boost the amount of eyeballs you have a possibility of getting in front of. Employ these in each of your posts and it will have a better chance of reaching more people – but there’s a second component: humans. If the humans intaking the actual post do not find it interesting enough / valuable enough / relatable enough, they won’t respond to it and your metadata will only take you to about 50%. Combine it with the content and your reach won’t be confined to a percentage.

“The point here is, aim to make content that will be relevant years down the line.”


The point here is, aim to make content that will be relevant years down the line. The perfect example would be when I recently came across a post I’d created a few years ago for my first social media marketing client ever. I’d created a meme for Green Bakebox, a subscription box that is no longer operating, and it showed up in my feed on Instagram, posted by an account with over a million followers. The neat @greenbakebox watermark sat neatly nestled in the center of the page, and the picture had over 20k likes the last time I looked at it. (See screenshot below.) That content remained relevant and their name is still reaching far and wide even though they’ve been closed for nearly a year now! And this isn’t even a viral post or anything that much worth mentioning. You want to create content that gets devoured faster than a season of GOT by the masses? There’s only one recipe:

  • Research
  • Research
  • Research
  • Research

@greenbakebox Instagram Image

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To my dear peers that refuse to see social media for what it’s worth, do you understand now why you should take advantage of being raised among it and grasp it now while your brain is still sharp enough?

I must leave you with something I’ve said often in the past: don’t squander it with a cheap presence. Offering value will bring organic followers that have a genuine interest in your product and eventually they will turn into paying customers. By having a large following to whom you give nothing but selfies, you attract the wastes of a space that is eternal. Provide value and you will build trust, a specific following, communication, community, and that inherently will be invaluable.

Proceed to the future!

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About the Author: Slavy Darozhkin is a well renowned photographer from New York, who has found her calling in the world of social media marketing. She is the founder and CEO of startup digital marketing company #lilac Media, as well as photographer at SirenPhoto. With a keen passion for cannabis and its positive influence on our world, Slavy continues to seek out the pioneers of the green rush and assist in assimilating their businesses with the virtual world.


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