Stop Wasting Time Online!

Raise your hand if you’ve heard that before or something like it. I know I have. You don’t open a social media marketing company without spending an obscene amount of time online first. But guess what? Now I’m the one saying it. Lean in, I’ll say it again: stop wasting time online.

Dear Time,  …

I’m no scientist but I’ve figured out that time is extremely relative, and time and space online is as vastly different from real life as it gets. For example, the idea that there’s unlimited space on the internet is mind boggling. When you think of real estate crises and clamoring in cities, it’s hard to change your mindset of one to abundance and spacious.

Time, too, is different in that it’s much more crucial.

On social media, seconds and minutes matter like a life and death situation. Our Dear Leader’s typo in a tweet that wasn’t taken down after 5 minutes received news coverage – or should I say Covfefe? We’re talking about respected and real world news outlets that were discussing this word, this word that was clearly the result of the man’s fingers being too large for the screen, and a word that has nothing to do with his position and job as a Commander-in-Chief of the United States. Why in heaven’s name should people care? Social media’s reach is so astronomical that a day later, that meaningless word had to be added to the Urban Dictionary; a day later, it had been viewed and reshared by millions of people across the globe. Such reach at such speed is unprecedented.

“On social media, seconds and minutes matter like a life and death situation.”


But I digress in the negative.

Social media’s powerful influence could be and should be and thankfully sometimes is used for the positive, too. Let’s take a look at 4Ocean. I’m sure many of you have heard about it, follow it, or support it, but for those that don’t and have never heard of it, I will expound.


Photo Credit: Pixabay, John Delaney


4Ocean is an organization founded in January of 2017 whose goal is to remove all the trash from the ocean. In their first 3 months of operations, they removed 46,000 lbs.

For a little perspective, there’s so much trash in the ocean that a recent study predicts the plastic will outweigh the fish by 2050. We know the ocean is largely responsible for the quality of air we breathe, but we are 100% responsible for the quality of the state of the ocean.

By filling it mercilessly with plastic that isn’t composing, plastic that’s killing that fish and choking the life out of the ocean, we are slowly but surely choking out our very life source. This is actually happening, right now. Take a minute to internalize that. Take a minute to appreciate that in 3 months of collecting trash from off the shore, people had removed 46,000 pounds.

4Ocean, in a desperate attempt to pull us back from the ledge, is selling bracelets made from 100% recycled materials, at $20 a piece to fund this massive project. Each bracelet pays for the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean. The bracelets are a simple, blue and white, unisex design, with a small 4Ocean charm at the clasp.

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“Ok, that’s great and all, Slavy, but what does that have to do with social media?” Well, I follow a photographer on my personal Facebook account that did a pro bono shoot for them as an exposure favor because he liked what they were doing. I cannot remember the name of the photographer, (I thought it was Von Wong, but I couldn’t find evidence of it online, so I must be wrong) but the point is that I found out about this wonderful organization through social media, and I’m delivering their message and mission to you through the same channel.

“What we learn about social media is, it’s a phenomenal tool to broadcast your message.”



Photo Credit: Pixabay, Gerd Altmann

But wait, there’s more…! On Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) they have 62.6k followers and growing, and on Instagram they have 92.1k. Give or take a few thousand fake accounts, that’s still dozens of thousands of people they’re connecting with, thousands of people that are responding to their mission and want to help.

Curious, I checked out their reviews on their website. There are almost 4k reviews and only a handful are not 4 or 5 stars. In general, only about 10% – 20% of consumers leave reviews. By those numbers, 4Ocean may have seen up to 32k – 40k sales of the bracelets. At $20 a piece, they could’ve raised anywhere from $640k to $800k. Talk about crowdfunding! Of course, I don’t know if any of these numbers are legitimate; I reached out to 4Ocean but have not heard back yet.

What we learn about social media is, it’s a phenomenal tool to broadcast your message. There’s a very high limit on the amount of people you have access to on the internet – almost half of the whole world! Take advantage of that reach and again I say, “Stop wasting time online!” and help us make our world a better place to live.

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About the Author: Slavy Darozhkin is a well renowned photographer from New York, who has found her calling in the world of social media marketing. She is the founder and CEO of startup digital marketing company #lilac Media, as well as photographer at SirenPhoto. With a keen passion for cannabis and its positive influence on our world, Slavy continues to seek out the pioneers of the green rush and assist in assimilating their businesses with the virtual world.


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