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I know you’re sick to death of hearing Baby Boomers tell you what you like, think, want, feel, need, and most of all, that you’re a deadbeat and your generation is, at large, a colossal disappointment. How do you make it stop? How do you live your life and succeed without having the words and opinions of all those older and wiser than you dissuade your every move? You listen.

Below, I’ll show you why millennial shouldn’t be synonymous with aggravation, patronization, and disappointment, but rather creation, innovation, and evolution.


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Selective Hearing

It’s all good and well to say you’re not the product of your generation, but when you insist on trying to make money by selling yourself as an “influencer” online, and not trying to develop a skill or discover your inner passion and monetizing on that, it’s hard to defend yourself.

Hi, I’m Slavy, and I’m here to tell you that as a millennial, you not only have some of the greatest opportunities at your fingertips, you’re also truly everything “they” think you are.

Yes, you’re lazy. Yes, you want to travel the world more than sit in an office. Yes, you want to work for yourself. No, you don’t have money for college. No, you don’t have patience for college. No, you have no intention of indebting yourself for all of eternity while putting your life on hold for 12 more years… I get it; my baby boomer science teacher in high school was horrified I wouldn’t be pursuing a neurosurgeon’s degree. We’re all surrounded by people that don’t “get” us or don’t appreciate the skills we do want to develop. But that’s exactly how the 20-something’s of a century ago felt.

“People are slow and bitter to change, but don’t let that get into your head. Rather develop selective hearing and choose to only hear the unchanging advice…”


For hundreds of years people rode horses and wagons with no complaints. Who are these younger generationers coming along and trying to replace trustworthy mammals with machines? Trying to change the dress code of hundreds of years? Trying to change societal norms of hundreds of years? How dare they? What do they know of sacrifice? Hard work? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, that’s how the jazz age was received and that’s how the millennial age is being received. People are slow and bitter to change, but don’t let that get into your head. Rather develop selective hearing and choose to only hear the unchanging advice:

  • Don’t be lazy
  • Patience is a virtue – it’s the key to your success
  • Don’t let your youth waste
  • Keep your eyes on the goal
  • Ignore the naysayers
  • The world is indeed your oyster
  • Proper English and grammar WILL take you further
  • Respect those that have come before you
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Be genuine
  • Provide value

“Your generation is the one that is building the fiber of our future, don’t be left behind!”



Recent workshop in upstate New York.

Remember that you are at the beginning of a new era. Your generation is the one that is building the fiber of our future, don’t be left behind! Reflect, introspect, spend time looking within yourself until you discover your truest passion. Whatever it is, you can make a living off of it, I promise you that.

Take myself for example. I couldn’t manage to finish any formal education, but I still managed to become a successful, full time family photographer and went on to create a successful social media marketing company, #lilac Media, of which I’m still growing, all before 23!

With the horizons continuing to broaden every day, there’s no excuse to sit on our thumbs and complain about the opportunities our elders failed to make accessible to us, and rather focus on creating opportunities for ourselves.

Remember the Gold Rush way back when? It’s happening again! Only this time it’s Green. Remember the technology explosion? It’s happening again! Only this time it’s online. Remember the renaissance? It’s happening again! Only this time the art is graphic and it’s online.

Every explosive industry that has occurred in history now has the opportunity to be recreated on an evolved level. Be a millennial. Be creative. Be innovative. Be evolved.

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About the Author: Slavy Darozhkin is a well renowned photographer from New York, who has found her calling in the world of social media marketing. She is the founder and CEO of startup digital marketing company #lilac Media, as well as photographer at SirenPhoto. With a keen passion for cannabis and its positive influence on our world, Slavy continues to seek out the pioneers of the green rush and assist in assimilating their businesses with the virtual world.


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