Community Oneness: Understanding the Universal Law

Everything is possible when we believe in our powers. The Universal Law refers to the belief that we all need to adhere to, that all of our actions must be filled with morality and follow the best ethical practices. During our board meeting last week, I was asked by one of our board members if I believe in God. I said, “I don’t know, but I know there’s something out there that our eyes can’t see; and that something is governed by a higher authority or natural laws.”

“I know there’s something out there that our eyes can’t see; and that something is governed by a higher authority or natural laws.”


Understanding about the Universal Law allows us to preach harmony and mutual understanding. It takes us away from defiance and rebellion in the society. We need to practice the Law of Oneness! This means understanding the integrated social components, such as family, work and our energies.


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A brief look at the history shows that we have advanced by working towards an effective community. A key universal in this respect is that of reciprocation. We need to reciprocate positivity such as learning, love, sharing, and mutual understanding.

Another concept is that of empathy. We need to maintain it by following the traditions of taking care of the community. Training is another amazing aspect that allows us to improve by finding guidance from the enlightened souls in the community.

The right way to practice Universal Law is to directly connect with our community and build relationships. Many people fear rejection, but there are always some people who will understand your cause.

“Money is not the root of evil, it’s the love for money…”


Monetary and Community

There’s an old adage that goes “Money is not the root of evil, it’s the love for money that creates evil.” You need to learn that developing the love for money means that you will not get the desired communal benefits. I, myself, used to focus on chasing money all the time, but I’ve been able to balance my mind, body, and spirit to reap the benefits of what I put out there, which is peace, harmony and a smooth flow of prosperity.

Focus on building a community first, and the circulation of money shall follow.

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Timeless Commitment to Teach Others

Another thing that you should understand is that you create the value of time. It is you who decides the importance of the time spent in various activities. One way of improving the community is to contribute in a timeless manner, such as sharing stories about past experiences and successful endeavors to educate others. The modern way perhaps is to write a motivational article like this one.

The best knowledge that you can gain are important experiences in life. We urge you to read and write to experience new things and concepts. And when I say “Read” I’m referring to books not just blogs.  You will be able to better align yourself with like-minded people when you gain more knowledge. You can also train others better if you are learning new experiences and always have something to teach in this regard.


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Universal Law and Successful People

One way of going about developing harmony is to look into the lives of successful people. Let us take the example of Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs for that matter. Their personalities and characteristics focused on a basic lifestyle with their efforts constantly geared towards finding new and exciting opportunities. And you will notice that they are always on stage teaching others their successes and failures. Following their footsteps will reap amazing benefits for you and the Universal Law will always reward anyone that follow such good deeds.

You also need to remember that we have a large society. If you are willing to look around while following Universal Laws, you are sure to find people that are just like you. What you always need to remember is that you need to love yourself first to allow others to appreciate and reciprocate in the ideal manner.

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About the Author: Danilo Banta, M.B.A. has numerous ventures and is a pioneer in the newly emerging legal cannabis/hemp industry. He holds a Graduate degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.) through University of Phoenix and brings his expertise in business strategy, administration, and finance to Hemp Educate America Foundation as the Treasurer, providing the nonprofit a clear path into the green movement.


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