Discussing the Incredible Power and Capability of the Mind

I wanted to learn about the way the mind works, and its connection with the brain. The incredible power of the human brain has always intrigued me. It was truly an enlightening experience for me to explore this subject with Mr. Marvin Minsky when I was studying for my Master’s degree in 2015, and what followed was a fascinating interview. The highlights of this interview led to the following discussions:

Minds are simply what brains do

The brain is an incredibly complex machine and is capable of outlandish feats. The mind is a process that moves the brain from one state to the other, and although all brains are the same in nature, it is the mind that dictates the activities of the brain. It is a matter of complex engineering, because in principle all brains are designed to do the same thing, but it is the mind that unlocks the potential.


Be greater than everyone.

In order to understand the relationship between our minds and brain, we need to comprehend the processes found inside the brain. We are only able to describe how things change by contrasting it with what has remained the same. It can be hard to draw boundaries between what the mind thinks and what it actually does, because there are lots of complex factors involved in the process.

The problem is compounded by the fact that brains tend to change from time to time, which is down to the numerous processes it has to accomplish and the tasks it completes.

“The mind is always in a changing state, which dictates our thoughts, actions, and moods, which is why you will be in different moods on different days.”Marvin Minsky, American Cognitive Scientist

Embodiments of Minds

One of the main reasons why it is so hard to separate the mind-brain problem is due to the fact that no mind is the same as the other, even though we all share the same structure of the brain. The mind is always in a changing state, which dictates our thoughts, actions, and moods, which is why you will be in different moods on different days.

The mind will be detached from the physical, which means it doesn’t matter what part of the brain it is working, it matters what they are connected to or what they do.

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Freedom of Will

Everyone possesses a self from which they decide what they shall do, but this is in direct conflict with the events of the universe. You have freedom of will to do anything that your mind desires, which means that you get to choose anything and everything in your life. Making the right choice is down to the mind, because although you will have psychological advantages with freedom of choice, you also have to take responsibility for all the bad choices you make.

Uncertainty and Stability

Do you know what connects the mind to the world? It is a problem that has always caused problems in religion, psychology, and physics. Newton’s mechanical laws dictate that every event is caused by the events preceding it, but common-sense psychology states that events in the world are affected by the minds, and it is people that decide what occurred, by using their freedom of will. The religions have concurred in this regard, because the theory was strong, even though some believed in divine predestination.

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