‘Acquiring Intelligence’ – Classical Music as an Effective Technique to Boost Brainpower!

Ever wondered why some people tend to prefer loud and audacious heavy metal while some resort to classical, soft, and soothing instrumental. The answer to this question has more to do than mere personal choices. As a matter of fact, our choice of music tells a lot about our cognitive strengths and capacities. Likewise, music can also be used as an effective intervention to improve your intelligence quotient and optimize your brain performance.


Classical music resonates intelligence.

The effect of music on brain activity has always been an interesting research case for neuroscientists, psychologists, and researchers. In 1993 Rauscher along with his fellow scientists made the unanticipated claim that normal survey subjects responded with a better spatial reasoning skills after hearing Mozart’s sonata for 10 minutes, as compared to those subjects who received relaxation instructions designed to lower silence or blood pressure.

The groundbreaking claim created waves among the research community, followed by a long haul of further researches that only verified the hypothesis made by Rauscher. The inferences of Rauscher’s research have popularized over time and termed as The Mozart Effect.

Various researchers have inferred that The Mozart Effect is an effective therapy to calm hyperactivity, improve clarity, creativity and performance scores, minimize errors, accelerate the learning process, and raise your IQ scores by 9 points or even more.

The physiological and morphological studies reveal that the pitch, wavelengths, and frequency of classical music complement the brain activity. It fine tunes your mind and act as a positive catalyst to trigger your cognitive functions such as learning, understanding, reasoning, as well as retention.

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” – Carlo Desierto, Hemp Educate America, Board Chairman


The research-based evidences might be new to the world, but the idea of the positive effects of classical music in boosting brain performance goes all the way back to the Greek Era. The manuscripts and picture illustrations of the era feature details of some characters that used to play classical notes for Greek Gods.


Impressionism in music.

The best classic composers of all times, including Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and Franz Schubert were considered as the geniuses of their era. This might primarily be because of the fact that they were continuously composing and hearing classical notes. The continuous exposure to classical music vibrations tuned their neurons for optimal performance. No wonder they were able to produce some of the best classical numbers in the history of music and left the world spellbound in the charisma of their notes.

The Combined Effect of Classical Music and Cannabis Medication

The essential extracts from the cannabis plant can be used as a medicinal intervention to boost brain performance and increase intelligence. However, the effect of the medicine can significantly be increased if the course of the medicated treatment is complemented by classical music playing in the background.

Yes, that’s right! The combined effect of classical music and cannabis treatment can bring out the genius in you.

“The combined effect of classical music and cannabis treatment can bring out the genius in you.” – Danilo Banta, M.B.A., Hemp Educate America, Board Treasurer


Just from my experience, the musical vibrations of classical music helps my body absorb the core essence of the medicine and it amplifies my thought process. It optimizes the retention of information in my brain, and it improves my rational perception and memory.

Additionally, the incessant boom in my mental capabilities compels me to seek more information, with better learning and consumption. Aside from that, it keeps me happy, lively and active, increasing my confidence and self-esteem. It brings an incredible improvement in my focus and performance.

Was I born with this special talent? Not sure, but do take some time to read our previous article, The Brain is Wider Than The Sky; Can Genius Be Learned?, where it implies that the intervention of certain learning techniques can significantly accelerate the cognitive performance.

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About the Author: Danilo Banta, M.B.A. has numerous ventures and is a pioneer in the newly emerging legal cannabis/hemp industry. He holds a Graduate degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.) through University of Phoenix and brings his expertise in business strategy, administration, and finance to Hemp Educate America Foundation as the Treasurer, providing the nonprofit a clear path into the green movement.


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