University of Dallas Students to Learn About Hemp-Made Homes

Cannabis is known for its medical, industrial, and recreational use and benefits. As the veils of myths and misperceptions are slowly being lifted off the persona of this miraculous plant, due to its legalization, the industry is seeking new ways and arenas to expand and grow. It has ventured into the apparel and textile sector through hemp fabric and likewise, the idea, design, and construction of hemp-made homes has paved way for the collaboration of real estate domain and the cannabis industry.


Hempcrete Masonry under construction

Hemp-Made Homes and Construction to Reinvent the Real Estate Industry

Hemp-made homes is a groundbreaking innovation in the real estate and construction domain. The masonry used in the construction is made from natural hemp fibers. The hemp-made masonry features certain key characteristics that provide it a superior advantage over other construction material.

It is naturally fire-resistant, and nullifies the risk of a fire breakout inside the home, making it a safe accommodation for you and your family. Hemp-made homes are thermally insulative which stays warm in winters and cool in summers, which is perfect for places like Texas.

Hemp-made homes are naturally sound-proof and instill a natural acoustics insulation. Aside from that, it also possess natural repellent characteristic against rodents, pests, and infestations. It offers a fresh and clear ventilation of air and light, and prevents any airborne or respiratory disease.

Including all these benefits and characteristics, hemp-made homes are still less expensive and offer a better value for money, in terms of benefits and durability.

An Event in Fort Worth, Texas to Learn About Hemp-Made Homes

The 2nd Annual Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo (SWCC) being held at Forth Worth Convention Center, 1201 Houston Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102, April 22-23, 2017, is an annually held conference and exhibition. Whether you are a professional, a current student, a budding or aspiring entrepreneur, the event is a huge opportunity for you to interact with eminent leaders and stakeholders of the cannabis and hemp industry, and gain a realistic insight into how the industry is seeking growth and the future real estate market in the green and bio-sustainable space.

The event rostrum will feature expert talks, advice, and keynote sessions from the tycoons and visionaries of the cannabis and hemp space. The conference will also serve as a prominent platform to network and share your ideas, seek expert guidance and consultancy on how you can make a profitable career in this emerging multi-billion dollar ‘green rush’ era.


University of Dallas Campus

Being held in Texas, the event will particularly benefit the graduates and current students of construction, infrastructure, and real estate disciplines at the University of Dallas that has a sizeable endowment pool worth $447.97 million.

Significance for Millennials

Since the knowledge about the benefits of hemp, particularly in the field of real estate, construction, and infrastructure development is not imparted in colleges and universities, the students, aspirants and budding entrepreneurs of the cannabis and hemp industry will have to conduct their own research about the industry.

hemp-made homes, buildings, and construction is an emerging trend in real estate. It is essential that Millennials extend their fundamental knowledge and acumen about the cannabis and hemp industry, and its future prospects in the realm of real estate domain. It is through this knowledge and intra-industry partnerships that they’ll be able to successfully venture into this new industry to reap their share of returns and rewards.

In our previous article, Millennials, The New Order of the Cannabis World, we discussed how Millennials will impact the new market. Getting a forefront knowledge about hemp-made homes is valuable because the practice of bio-sustainable living and energy conservation has spread throughout their generation.

Donation S/O!

We would like to give special thanks to Mr. Steven Rash of  North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USOTC:USMJ) for the generous donation of $2,709 to support our cause. 50% of the proceeds will benefit students’ scholarships and contributions to other non-profits with similar mission. Our goal is to raise $900,000 by December 31, 2017 so we can sponsor 12 students by the end of this year. The tax deduction is limited to the excess of the contribution over the fair market value of any items received in exchange for the donation.

About the Author: Carlo Desierto is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business startups. He has founded, built intrinsic value, and sold several companies in which he sits as an adviser for the Board of Directors. Carlo has interviewed over 200+ entrepreneurs and published mini-biographies for new digital media channels relating to entrepreneurship, health, self-help, futurology, and the green industry.


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