The Brain is Wider Than the Sky; Can Genius Be Learned?

Is intelligence an inborn or a learned trait? This has always been a topic of an ongoing debate for not just years, but centuries. An overview of the history of this debate shows that many scientists, researchers, and philosophers have worked on and dedicated their entire life’s work on advocating or negating the idea of intelligence being an inborn trait. However, despite all the differences of their respective schools of thought, the claim that Albert Einstein was the most intelligent prodigy of the entire human race, with exceptional cognitive capabilities, is still unanimously agreed.


Albert Einstein’s Autopsy Report

As per Einstein’s autopsy report, which was presented by Thomas Stoltz Harvey, after a series of experiments conducted on Einstein’s brain, it was inferred that the brain had nothing exceptional in particular, in terms of its structure and form. If that was the case, what made Einstein so exceptionally brilliant with cognitive functions and intelligence?

This is a question that was asked to Albert Einstein many times in his life, and his only response to such queries was: “I have no special talents. I’m only passionately curious!”

This is a recorded fact that the most genius person on earth used to struggle with mathematics exercises in his childhood. He only learned to control his mind, into conducting Thought Experiments. Einstein’s work and contributions to physics are primarily theoretical, stemming from the experiments he conducted in his mind. It is this strong grip and command that enabled him to stimulate long and sequential experiments in his mind, and excel at it so much that he rebelled against the status quo in the domain of physics and challenged the prevalent theories of Isaac Newton.

So, in the retrospect of Einstein’s case, can it be said that intelligence can be acquired and learned?

According to the modern researchers, it is inferred that whenever you learn something new, the brain changes itself for good. This implies that the intervention of certain learning techniques can significantly accelerate your cognitive performance. This has been verified by the works of Eleanor McGuire and Dr. Donald Heb.

MEM 1414

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Many scientific researchers are focusing on devising on point measures and techniques such as electromagnetic sensors, genetic engineering, and stem cell improvisations, to foster a thriving mindset and trigger cognitive performances. Scientists are focused on stimulating the genes and stem cells to conduct further research and studies on savants with their superhuman like cognitive traits.

The inference deduced from the anatomy and analysis of Einstein’s brain and scientific advancements is in itself a testament that genius can indeed be learned. The morphology and physiology of the human brain has a generic blueprint and does not make it a unique characteristic attribute of an individual. Therefore, it can fairly be deduced that when the human mind is tapped and triggered through the right stimulus, and provided a favorable incubating environment, it unfolds its cognitive potential in the form of superhuman intuitions, photographic memory, and exceptional mental capabilities. Considering this, it makes sense if we say that genius and intelligence is the byproduct of optimal cognitive functions.

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