Texas State Technical College-Waco Students To Benefit From The Organic and Cannabis Revolution

The use of synthetic fertilizers and non-organic farming techniques has imposed a huge slash in the natural benefits and wonders of the crops, plants, and herbs. In addition, the advancing technology and the use of genetic engineering and biotechnology have brought a significant improvement in the conventional methods of farming, harvesting, and cultivation.


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The use of technology and the innovation in techniques have significantly optimized the magnitude of yield per acre and are efficiently producing multiple batches of crops in a year. However, despite the fact that the agricultural domain is thriving in terms of yield, frequency, and revenues, the quality aspect of the agriculture has incredible declined.

The use of pesticides, germicides and synthetic, chemical-based and non-organic fertilizers have not only altered the genetic makeup of the crops, they are being the prime cause of various forms of cancer and other epidemic diseases. Therefore, this is the need of time for the agricultural sector to revert to the organic methods of farming and create ground breaking strategies to help evolve a ‘green’ world and sustainable biosphere.

“The great green revolution is on the rise, offering a great opportunity to the health and fitness conscious. Millennials to contribute their part in spreading awareness about organic farming and agriculture.” Mr. Steven Rash, North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc.

About the Event

The 2nd Annual Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo is being held in Texas on April 22-23, 2017. The annually-held conference has established a sound repute as a credible platform that serves to connect the experts, professionals, and stakeholders, from various segments of the agriculture industry, with the aspirants, enthusiast and entrepreneurs looking forward to become a part of the great organic raw materials and cannabis revolution.

From farmers to harvesters, from industrial manufacturers and retailers, to private equity firms and legal associates – the conference will feature a huge number of representatives and keynote speakers to shed light on the organic and cannabis revolution, and the scope of entrepreneurship in the industry.

Being held in Texas, the event will particularly benefit the graduates and current students of Agriculture and Farming discipline at Texas State Technical College-Waco that has a sizeable endowment pool worth $571,168.74. The college institution is known to be a leader in strengthening the competitiveness of Texas business and industry by building the state’s capacity to develop the highest quality workforce.


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Significance for Millennials

The soil, climate, and environmental conditions make Texas an ideal region for farming and agriculture. Located in the center of the country, the state has plenty of agricultural lands as well as commercial property that is relatively less expensive as compared to the coastal states with great farming areas. This is the reason why Texas can become a center point of agricultural revolution for the cannabis industry.

The indoor farming units and grow houses can be a lucrative opportunity to the young generation of farmers to incorporate innovative yet sustainable techniques and strategies to revolutionize organic cannabis cultivation and meet the market demand that is likely to undergo an exponential increase, as cannabis gets legalized in more states.

There is a huge scope of Agricultural botany in the cannabis industry since it is a popular discipline in the younger generation. The millennials can consume their knowledge to raise awareness about the medical, recreational, and industrial use of cannabis as well as the benefits of organic farming and agriculture.

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Donation S/O!

We would like to give special thanks to Mr. Steven Rash of  North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USOTC:USMJ) for the generous donation of $2,709 to support our cause. 50% of the proceeds will benefit students’ scholarships and contributions to other non-profits with similar mission. Our goal is to raise $900,000 by December 31, 2017 so we can sponsor 12 students by the end of this year. The tax deduction is limited to the excess of the contribution over the fair market value of any items received in exchange for the donation.

About the Author: Carlo Desierto is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business startups. He has founded, built intrinsic value, and sold several companies in which he sits as an adviser for the Board of Directors. Carlo has interviewed over 200+ entrepreneurs and published mini-biographies for new digital media channels relating to entrepreneurship, health, self-help, futurology, and the green industry.


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