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Ever since the downsides of massive industrialization and technology started to unfold in the form of imbalance in the natural poise of biosphere and ecological degradation, there has been an increasing demand to minimize the consumption of non-renewable resources, and increase the reliance on natural, bio-sustainable and eco-friendly practices in all walks and spheres of life.

Being a pioneer in the revolution to establish bio-sustainable communities, Tesla Energy architected and unleashed major solar powered project in Kuaui Island in Hawaii and on the island of Ta‘ū in Samoa. These experimental projects have bagged immense success and have become a real-life example of bio-sustainability, efficient energy production, and consumption for the world.

“The successful experiment of a solar-powered community in Hawaii can effectively be implemented in San Diego, also known as the Green Coast



The revolutionary solar panels of Tesla

The Solar Farm and Energy Storage Project of Hawaii

Tesla, Inc. and its acquired subsidiary Solar City have set a huge solar power project, spread over a 50-acre area in Kauai Island, Hawaii. The project is first of its kind utility-scale system in the entire United States, and is efficiently generating electricity generated from solar energy, around the clock, to accommodate the growing energy needs of the island.

The mega project comprises 55,000 solar panels and is powered by 272 Tesla Powerpacks. The company is planning to install an additional 52 megawatt/hour Tesla Powerpack into the project to provide an additional 13-megawatt power into the mainstream grid.

Ta‘ū – The Solar-Powered Samoan Island

Tesla, Inc., that announced its acquisition of Solar City some time back, is fueling and powering the Ta‘ū island in American Samoa on solar energy. The company installed a 1.4-megawatt microgrid panel that efficiently generates solar energy sufficient to compensate for the energy needs of the entire island.

The microgrid is powered by 60 Tesla Powerpacks, the largest commercial battery being manufactured by Tesla, that can store solar energy for nighttime energy consumption. The prime purpose of this pilot project was to test the strength and efficacy of solar energy for regular domestic and commercial use.

Encouraged by the success of the project, Tesla has announced to launch Powerwall 2, solar storage battery for homes and domestic use, to pursue its vision of offering bio-sustainable energy solutions to the world.

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Bio-Sustainable Practices to Help Foster an Eco-friendly Community in the Green Coast

The successful experiment of a solar-powered community in Hawaii can effectively be implemented in San Diego, also known as the Green Coast, and have a potential to make the city emerge as the Silicon Valley in the cannabis industry.

Situated in the State of California, that is leading the green rush of cannabis revolution from the front after becoming the first state to legalize marijuana, San Diego has an immense potential to implement energy-conservation programs and to incorporate hemp and cannabis-based techniques in agriculture, real estate, and power generation sector, on the similar patterns as in Hawaii.

These groundbreaking methodologies are efficiently proving their efficacy as a significant alternative procedure to reduce the consumption and reliance on non-renewable resources, and foster healthy, green-living, and environment-friendly societies.

“San Diego is well on its way to becoming an eco-conscious community, driven by the combined innovative efforts of engineers, agriculturists, and real estate developers.”



Petco Park in Downtown San Diego

San Diego is well on its way to becoming an eco-conscious community, driven by the combined innovative efforts of engineers, agriculturists, and real estate developers. Real Estate companies like Greenfield Development Corporation are acquiring warehouse condominiums, lands, constructing homes from hemp-made masonry and raw materials, and offering healthy, innovative, eco-friendly, and bio-sustainable accommodations.

Rise of Agricultural Engineers

Similarly, the agricultural engineers are seeking ways to implement ground breaking procedures in the domain of agriculture. The focus of their ideas and efforts is primarily directed towards minimizing the use and reliance on artificial, synthetic and non-organic fertilizers, and to increase the per-acre yield of crops that are fresh, healthy, organic, and contain no toxic traces of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Hemp Educate America (HEA) Foundation is offering a thriving opportunity to agriculture entrepreneurs and engineers to interact with investors and network with industry barons. Aside from that, they can also pitch their ideas to investors at the upcoming Southwest Cannabis Conference which is currently in the works for scheduling in San Diego. Lastly, take a few minutes to read Moonlight Media Event Rewind – Prop64 Passed, Now What? article to learn San Diego’s upcoming cannabis businesses and policies.


About the Author: Carlo Desierto is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business startups. He has founded, built intrinsic value, and sold several companies in which he sits as an adviser for the Board of Directors. Carlo has interviewed over 200+ entrepreneurs and published mini-biographies for new digital media channels relating to entrepreneurship, health, self-help, futurology, and the green industry.


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