An Interview with Frankie V: The Roots of Cannabis Life Radio™

About Frankie V of Cannabis Life Radio™

Frankie V is the founding host of a radio show called Cannabis Life Radio™ that is increasingly becoming popular, with an increasing listenership among the millennials and young population masses. Aside from the Cannabis Life Radio™, Frankie V is also the founder of Frank TV Network has had professional partnerships and association with eminent names such as Bob Hope, Magic Johnson, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings, and Paul McCartney.

Frankie V is a strong proponent of the power of individuality and says that his professional career has taught him to be real at all times, and to treat others with respect. Here’s an insight into the interview, where he shared his valuable understanding about Cannabis Life Radio™ and learn the potential of Cannabis cultivation.


Frankie V at A Plus Hydro, Costa Mesa, CA

Frankie V on Cannabis Life Radio™

Frankie V’s motivation behind the idea of Cannabis Life Radio™ was to provide the necessary guidelines and information to the aspirants as well as the entrepreneurs of the green industry. He says:

“I think it’s very important for us to keep an eye on the hemp industry as a nation as we move forward with the recreational use of cannabis. Here, at Cannabis Life Radio, I looking forward to educating the general public, educators, students, and hobbyists that have a passion for horticulture, aquaculture, permaculture, aquaponics, aeroponics, and cannabis farmers.”

Frankie V believes that despite the spreading legalization of hemp and cannabis, a lot has to be done to wash out the myths and stigmas associated with the use of hemp, cannabis, and other cannabis sativa properties. According to him, there is a huge need to bridge the gaps between the states and the federal government, raise awareness among the general masses, and educate the young farmers and budding entrepreneurs to optimize the growth and expansion of the hemp and cannabis industry.

Frankie V on the Motivational Factors

Frankie V emphasizes that the budding cannabis entrepreneurs need to identify and actualize the motivational factors that are accelerating their interest and compelling to venture into this booming industry.

Frankie V believes that despite being a huge multi-billion dollar industry in the making, the cannabis and hemp revolution will only reap its rewards for those with a committed and consistent approach, and a vision to contribute their selfless share towards the growth and expansion of the green movement. Those who are only seeking to grab their share of monetary benefits out of this ‘Green Rush’ might lose their entire investments.

Frankie V on Cannabis Cultivation

Frankie V is not just a radio host, he’s also the community liaison for A Plus Hydroponics and Organics in Costa Mesa, CA. Based on his immense knowledge and expertise in cultivation, he suggests the properties of Aloe Vera can be used as a potential cloning agent for the cannabis plant. Saponin that is found in abundance in Aloe Vera plants can be used as a wetting agent to clone cannabis flowers.

Aloe Vera is rich in Salicylic acid contents, a compound with an immense anti-pathogenic capability that can be used as a rooting agent for over 120 years. Aloe Vera can be efficiently used as a catalyst for cannabis cultivation, to expedite seed germination, increase cannabis nutrient content, assimilate sugars, and improve resistance to environmental stress, eventually leading to healthier crops.

Our previous article Secret Revealed: Cultivating Marijuana with Aloe Vera explains the nutrient and planting factors of Aloe Vera with cannabis. Raw, organic aloe vera juice is an amazing addition to regular watering when growing cannabis plants. It is chock-full of simple sugars and starches, giving plants the nutrition they need for serious performance.


Frankie V on the future farmers.

Frankie V on the Significance for Millennials

The era of Baby Boomers has long ended and Millennials make the present face of the world. They are smart, with a competitive and constructive approach towards life and are digital aware than their predecessors.

Having stepped into the professional domains and various walks of life, Millennials are successfully incorporating their technological acumen, unique strengths, and innovative skills to optimize the returns on strategies and investments.

According to Frankie V, this cutting edge strength of the millennials will prove to be of an immense responsibility and importance when they take charge as the next generation of America’s farmers. Incorporating new techniques and technological approaches to cultivation, they will be able to yield more crops within a short time span.

Being staunch supporters of organic foods and healthy eating, it is a great opportunity for Millennials to venture into the industry, and use their creative farming techniques to create unique and innovative agriculture.

Donation S/O!

We would like to give special thanks to Frankie V of Cannabis Life Radio™ for the generous donation of $1,900 to support our cause. 50% of the proceeds will benefit students’ scholarships and contributions to other non-profits with similar mission. Our goal is to raise $900,000 by December 31, 2017 so we can sponsor 12 students by the end of this year. The tax deduction is limited to the excess of the contribution over the fair market value of any items received in exchange for the donation.

With many more support, we can take initiative and Make America “Green” Again!

About the Author: Carlo Desierto is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business startups. He has founded, built intrinsic value, and sold several companies in which he sits as an adviser for the Board of Directors. Carlo has interviewed over 200+ entrepreneurs and published mini-biographies for new digital media channels relating to entrepreneurship, health, self-help, futurology, and the green industry.


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