CEO Tripp Keber, of  Dixie Elixir, Thursday, May 24, 2012, runs the Denver-based medical marijuana company that produces medicated and non-medicated food items, beverages and salves.  RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post

Mr. Green Rush –Tripp Keber on the Future of Cannabis and Millennial Entrepreneurs

Whenever there is major progress in society, there are always some people who are responsible for driving it forward. If entrepreneurs want to navigate the nascent world of cannabis entrepreneurship, they will need guidance from people who have been there for years. Tripp Keber perfectly fits the bill. You may have seen him on TV, heard him on the radio, or read about him already. He is one of the most prominent Cannabis Entrepreneurs around, and has been the Chief Executive Officer of Dixie Brands, Inc., a company that deals in many different types of cannabis consumables, and Director of MassRoots (OTC:MSRT), a famous social app in the cannabis community. We sat down for a chat to gain invaluable insights from him on where the world of Cannabis is headed.

Dixie Brands is one of the most innovative cannabis companies around. Their cannabis infused consumables are already a major hit. They THC infused drinks, chocolates, drops, mints, and much more.

Marijuana is already here.

When asked why he entered the industry, Keber had a very interesting answer. He has dabbled in many different businesses relating to cannabis. Before Dixie Brands, he was principally involved in running Night clubs. Inspiration struck him when he was standing outside a bar.

“I vividly recall standing outside a bar, watching people smoke marijuana with an off duty police officer standing right next to them, and it was like a light bulb that went off—marijuana is already here. It might not have recognizable brands, or regulatory oversight (at that point) but it was already in the vernacular of my night club customers.”

This is something which more cannabis entrepreneurs need to focus on. They don’t have to convince people to try cannabis – it is already here. It is already a norm to smoke it.


Tripp Keber on National Geographic

Changing the perception of Cannabis.

Another important thing that needs to be done is to change the image people have of cannabis in their mind. Cannabis is harmless when you compare it to alcohol, yet for a certain part of society it is much worse. Keber is often seen on TV, and he explained the reason by saying:

“The real purpose of working so closely with media is to send a strong message to that soccer mom in Ohio that there are men/women committed to compliance and building an industry that didn’t exist 3-4 years ago. To legitimize and demystify the industry. It provides a face, and a name, when people talk about the success and more importantly, the potential pitfalls of legalization. We don’t want to be a nameless/faceless ‘industry’ to people because that approach won’t gain their support, and trust in the fact that this is a real and vital social movement. It’s not just about getting high or making money!”

Tripp Keber as seen on National Geographic. Click here to watch

Where we are headed?

Keber has a very positive outlook on where the industry is headed, which is important because as one of the pioneers of the industry, he has a much better grasp of trends than most of us do. Here’s what he has to say about the future of cannabis.

“There is no slowing down. As we approach 2018, new markets, new infused products, retailers, manufacturers, new publicly-traded companies, co-packing facilities, etc. will continue to increase exponentially. New states will come on. New regulations will occur. Some problems will be resolved, hopefully like banking, but new ones will pop up. Again- it’s the top of the first inning. There is still so much to learn and do.… Innovation will be constant and rapid, so, my hope is that in a year we can know exponentially more of how to tap into the benefits of cannabis than we know now.”


MJIC Marijuana Investor Summit [Apr 20, 2015]

Advice for Millennial Entrepreneurs.

What should one do to succeed in the cannabis industry? Keber has the answer:

“This is not a lazy man’s business, nor a fool’s business and certainly not a poor man’s business. You have to have incredible intellectual horsepower given that currently, your personal liberties are still very much at risk. You also have to have delusional confidence—road blocks are constantly in front of you, and you have to be able to remove them. Now, all of that said, I would also advise them that there is no more dynamic, exciting or important place to be right now. We are making history every single day, and will be for quite some time to come.”

So for the millennials that are reading this article, I highly suggest that you do your due diligence and jump into this industry with both feet grounded. You won’t see anything like this for another 20 years. One opportunity that will be a huge demand in the cannabis industry will be agricultural engineers, scientists, and cultivators. Take a few minutes to read our previous article, Secret Revealed: Cultivating Marijuana with Aloe Vera, to learn more of the future in cannabis cultivation.

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About the Author: Carlo Desierto is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business startups. He has founded, built intrinsic value, and sold several companies in which he sits as an adviser for the Board of Directors. Carlo has interviewed over 200+ entrepreneurs and published mini-biographies for new digital media channels relating to entrepreneurship, health, self-help, futurology, and the green industry.


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