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Hemp Educate America Foundation, a San Diego-based nonprofit, gathers resources to aid  in the development of eco-conscious entrepreneurs by providing scholarships and sponsorships to students interested in bio-sustainability and “green” industries.


Hemp Educate America Foundation, a San Diego-based nonprofit, gathers resources to aid in the development of eco-conscious entrepreneurs by providing scholarships and sponsorships to students who are interested in bio-sustainability and “green” industries.


“Green” encompasses many things – Not only do we focus on the newly emerging hemp industry, but also water and land conservation, recycling, non-toxic chemicals, reducing carbon footprints, agriculture, renewable energy, and sustainability.  


Hemp Educate America Foundation aims to combine the (4) necessities of environmental preservation, formal education, entrepreneurship, and green innovation for the youth. We strive to conjure students with an eco-conscious mindset who will maintain the triple bottom line of “people, planet, and profit” in their professional endeavors by supplementing their education with both the knowledge of entrepreneurship and exposure to the sustainability market inclusionary of hemp. 

Our Founding Principles:


Advocate and support socially responsible and environmentally sound practices in all industries.

Ensure that we assist students of varied academic, social, emotional, and economic backgrounds.

Demand academic rigor and hold students accountable to the highest standards provided academic support.

Align ourselves with leading associations in the green market and maintain our platform to connect Millennials to jobs in the industry.

Connect the community of green innovators and entrepreneurs to the youth.

“We are all a part of a greater whole and we need entrepreneurs in every realm to propel the shared interest of sustainable innovation; for the people and for the planet.”
–   Alanna Hinds, President, Hemp Educate America Foundation

SUPPORT THE CAUSE: Help us build eco-conscious leaders for an innovative world.

Whats in Our Name:


Hemp represents the epitome of what it means to be “green”. It’s a prime example of a sustainable renewable resource that can be grown in many climates and conditions around the world.


We want our students/beneficiaries to be the same. To be effective in their methods, ethically sound in their practices, and environmentally beneficial for mankind as a whole; regardless of where they come from.


We believe youth coupled with education is the foundation for advancement and progress.


Although we have international objectives, we must make an example out of ourselves first.  With your help we can take initiative and Make America “Green” Again!


OUR CONTENT: Website | Social Media

The Hemp Educate America Foundation website aims to provide the general public with coverage on features, news, opinions, and events on the hemp industry and culture in the United States including industry stocks, trend developments, investment opportunities, business opportunities, and legislation.


The Hemp Educate America Foundation Facebook and Twitter (@hempeducateusa) act as an industry directory of related articles, videos, and company profiles. The Facebook page also hosts our event photos.


Our Instagram (@hempeducateamerica) is active Monday-Thursday and participates in the following hashtags to facilitate hemp education, knowledge of the sustainability industry, and motivation for students: #ManifestMonday for affirmations, #MotivationMonday for motivational quotes or phrases, #TipTuesday for business or life tips, #WednesdayHempDay for hemp facts and tidbits, and #TBT to re-post a “Throwback Thursday” photo from an organization with a similarly aligned mission that has posted information worth sharing to our audience.






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